It was 1960 when Mrs Pannum picked up her suitcase, her 4 children and had perfected her backcombed bun once more, that she made the journey from Delhi to…Coventry.

Once there, Mrs Pannum and her family set up a chain of successful contemporary Indian restaurants throughout the UK. The restaurants were frequented by celebrities, students, regular folk and Heads of State; but they all had one thing in common, everyone called her ‘Auntie’.

Her knowledge of flavour and mindful cooking went straight to the heart of every recipe and everyone who ate her flavourful, comforting food. After retiring, people still asked for many of the recipes and of course, the sauces and pickles that went with them.

Due to popular demand, a love of feeding people and never one to shy away from a challenge, Auntie has come out of retirement to cook again – this time, for everyone.

About Auntie’s Team

Whilst Auntie is overseeing quality control in the kitchen, her granddaughter Shireen and her husband Gregory, are the custodians of Auntie’s, managing the daily operations.

What started out as selling Auntie’s Sauces at weekends on a market in Walthamstow, has now grown to Auntie’s being stocked around the country in farmshops, butchers and delis.

You can often find Shireen and Gregory at food markets around the UK, extolling the virtues of eating with Auntie’s (usually very loudly) and chatting away to customers old and new.

Shireen Dhaliwal-Davies

Gregory Davies